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Terp&Twist Forest-Bathe

Terp& Twist Forest-bathe Entourage Inhalants


Terp&Twist's Forest-Bathe formula has taken what makes the outdoors so beautiful and calming, and brought it to your fingertips for those moments when you're feeling anxious or uprooted. Carefully formulated around the clean, grounding power of geosmin, Forest-bathe was created to help bring a calm but euphoric feeling to your daily life, or your medical herb experience. Terp&Twist products are all natural, vegan, and cruelty free. Inhale deeply 3 - 4 times for best results.

  • Twist the cap off,  inhale deeply through the nose for 4 - 5 seconds, release and repeat 3 - 4 times. Includes child resistant cap to ensure terpenes are secure at all times.

    Our inhalants are designed for simplicity and convenience. Just inhale as needed for an instant mood boost. It's discreet, portable, and ideal for use on-the-go.

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