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About Us

Terp&Twist is the most effective, on the go, entourage mood support that allows you to get a grip on your experience. With genuine love for quality terpenes and their ability to improve our customers' state of mind, we strive to create the most beneficial and pleasant experience with products that are all natural, vegan, and cruelty free. With carefully selected terpenes, we have formulated our flagship product line: Calm, Revive and Forest-Bathe to ground you in the present moment and give you back control.

The Terp&Twist team has over 20 years experience with cannabis, from growth to its extraction. Helping us understand its benefits and how to express them with our inhalants. We believe in the most pleasant experience and understand that not everyone knows what and how many cannabinoids exist and the effects they may create in its combination. Anthony and Dacia the owners and creators have a genuine connection to the cannabis plant and its benefits with a core expertise to help its consumers have an enjoyable experience with cannabis.

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