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Orion Art

Orion F1 12 Seeds

$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price

Parents: EG F3 Northern Lights x EG F5 Granddaddy Purp


Flowering Time: 52- 56 Days


Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid


Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC) Content: 25 - 27%


Total Terpene Content: 1 - 3%


12 regular seeds with every pack.

  • This cultivar is a cross between our F3 Northern Lights male and our F5 Granddaddy Purp Female.

    The Male: EntheoGenetics Northern Lights F3 boasts a vigorous growth pattern and a mingled aroma of pine, black pepper, and skunk.

    (As a female, Northern Lights grows to a medium size with long trichomes creating a smooth smoking experience. It smells strongly of skunk, earth, and spice thanks to its terpinolene and caryophyllene dominant terpene profile, flowers in 52-56 days, and is resilient to pests. This makes it ideal for the garden, especially in colder climates with a short growing season.    ​



    The Female: EntheoGenetics Granddaddy Purp F5 has been bred for a high yield, with approximately 26% TAC. Its large buds smell pungently and sweetly of citrus, and its terpene profile is largely dominated by ocimene and myrcene.

    Orion F1 are traditional photoperiod seeds which offer a 50/50 probability for male and female plants. Each seed will grow to embody a variant combination of its two parent plants within multiple chemotype and phenotype expressions, enhancing the chances of finding something unique and special.

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