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Odin's Beard

Durian 7 weeks into flower


Durian dry flower


Parents: Entheo Cheese x Entheo White widow

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Flowering Time: 52- 56 Days

Type: Indica Sativa Hybrid

Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC) Content: 26 - 32%

Total Terpene Content: 1 - 2%

Durian Info

Durian is our award winning strain, taking home the 2023 Cultivar Cup. She is the child of our inhouse Entheo Cheese male crossed with our Entheo White Widow female. Her profile is a cheesy furit aromas that packs a heavy punch deliverying a strong cerebral high that finishes with body relaxation. Great smoke and even better wash making it an all around keeper in the garden.

Purple Afghani

Purple Skunk

Parents: EG Skunk x EG Purple Afghani

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Flowering Time: 56 - 60 Days

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC) Content: 21 - 26%

Total Terpene Content: 2 - 3%

Toast and Jam

What is Purple Skunk? This cultivar is a cross between our EG Skunk male and our EG Purple Afghani female. The Male: EntheoGenetics Skunk is a beautiful indica that presents all the disired skunk traits, from its growth pattern to that classic skunk smell. (As a female, Skunk grows thickly, and to a medium height, with excellent tricome production . It smells strongly of skunk, tar, and spice, flowers in 56-60 days, and shows resilience to powdery mildew. This makes it ideal for the garden, especially in high humidity climates with a short growing season.                                                                                        X ​ The Female: EntheoGenetics Purple Afghani has been bred for a high yield, with approximately 21% TAC. Its large buds smell like dank secondhand smoke envy with those strong afghani undertones. ​ Purple Skunk are traditional photoperiod seeds which offer a 50/50 probability for male and female plants. Each seed will grow to be predictable as the dominant traits from both parents are similar to each other, with the growth pattern of an indica, and skunk/afghani aromas.

Purple Cheese

Purple Cheese

Parents-  Entho Cheese x Purple Afghani

Flowering Type- Photoperiod 

Flowering Time- 56-63 days

Type- Indica Dominate Hybrid

Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC)Percentage- 18-25%

Totoal Terpenes-2-4%


Purple Cheese is an indica domiant cultivar thats the best of two worlds. The parent liniage is from our Entheo Cheese male crossed with our in house Purple Afghani. The result are two domiant profiles where you will expect to see a medium size plant that has had nice bud growth with a grape and cheese scented aroma. The other pheno you will enjoy is a smaller yet bulkier nuggs that turn a beautiful purple and smells like cheese.

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